Posted by: Amanda | December 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

  • 7848-006Yesterday I had a great day off.  I caught up on rest, organized, wrapped, did some holiday baking and cleaned.  When Andy got home it was snowing like crazy, but we went out anyway and got our Christmas tree.  Finally!
  • I tested the recipe for gingerbread pancakes I plan to make for Christmas morning this morning for breakfast.  Perfect!    I always test recipes now because one year I *tried* to make a baked french toast and it turned out so badly.   We all laughed around the table because everyone was saying it was “so great” when we knew it was “so bad”.  Ha!  Turns out I read the recipe wrong and had way too much liquid.  It was a soggy nightmare.  I’ve wised up in my old age.
  • Andy dropped off our good friends at the airport yesterday.  We hang out with them almost every Saturday night.  What are we going to do tonight?  If I have my way we’ll be making gingerbread houses.
  • We got 8 inches of snow last night and tomorrow we are suppose to get 12 more.  It will be a white Christmas!
  • I trimmed the tree this morning.  Our tree this year is um, not perfect.   But, it’s late in the year and I’m just happy to have it up.  It smells awesome.  I’m going to heavily lobby to get a fake tree after Christmas though.  I cannot keep Molly from drinking up all the water.  She must love the pine flavor 🙂
  • My mom and sister are on their way home from a week long cruise in the Caribbean.  Erin won the cruise earlier in the year and her husband had to work so she took my mom.  I think it’s so cool they get to spend that time together.  What a gift!
  • They plan for the day is to get some last minute things – stocking stuffers, batteries, etc and then come home and veg out.  Sounds good to me!

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