Posted by: Amanda | December 21, 2008


I started my Follistim shots on Friday.  They were nothing like I imagined.  After I got over the thought of having to impale myself it was easy and I couldn’t even feel it.   Hurray!

Almost no side effects either – just a little moody :), a little bloated at the injection site and I have a bad headache.    Way easier on me than Clomid was.

I have an internal ultrasound and blood work scheduled for Tuesday so they can measure my follicle growth.  If they are aren’t growing enough they will up the dosage or if they are growing too rapidly decrease it.  I’m really happy about the level of monitoring at this office.  While it is intrusive, at least they are extra precautious.

We opted to stay home from church today and rest.  It’s weird being home on a Sunday.



  1. follistim friday, YEA!

  2. A friend of mine just called me yesterday to tell me she’s pregnant, after two years of fertility treatment! She did some injection thing to stimulate the ovaries, and then an artificial insemination. YEAH! Praying it all works out for you, too! Praise God for fertility treatment!

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