Posted by: Amanda | December 29, 2008

Merry, Merry (cough) Christmas


Boil y boil

We had a pretty good Christmas over here at the Wheeler residence.  Andy’s Mom and Pastor Aric came over on Christmas Eve for a lobster dinner!  Traditionally I don’t serve lobsters on Christmas Eve because a) I’m allergic to them and b) they are pricey, but Andy knows a girl through work who’s husband is a lobstahman and he was selling them at $5 each.  That kind of deal couldn’t be passed up.  So I made lobster and everyone was happy.  I started feeling “ick” before dinner so I vetoed the meal of fettuccine that Andy had called in to Macaroni grill and just ate some salad.   Turned out to be a good decision.

We had a short, but lovely Christmas Eve service at The Rock.  It was nice to be surrounded by church family on this ever special holiday.

Following tradition we came home and had dessert and watched the Nativity Story on DVD. 

Christmas morning came quickly and we opened presents and ate breakfast together (gingerbread pancakes!) while listening to Barlow Girl Christmas.  I got the CD a month ago as a gift and Andy is SO sick of it 🙂 


Me and Andy

Actual Christmas Day is a bit of a pain for me.  I’m always in the kitchen cooking dinner.  I tried to scale back this year, but something always needs to be tended to or washed or set, etc.  Next year we’re having frozen dinner.

Andy’s Dad and his wife Cathie came at 2pm with their puppies.  It was a lot of people in our little house and a lot of dogs.  Molly isn’t particularly fond of their dogs so she pouted almost all day long.  She laid right in front of her toys so they wouldn’t get them.  Heh. 


Molly guarding her gifts

Dinner was good – but that’s when I started to hit a wall.  I was feeling a bit crappy all day but after dinner I felt like I was on FIRE.  Turns out I had a 102 temperature.    I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening upstairs in bed while everyone did the dishes and put away the food.  I felt bad, but what can you do? 

I was a bit relieved to go upstairs because after dinner it was time for another Follistim injection in the belly.   I was concerned about my fever and if it would affect the medicine at all so I started rereading the back of the box and that’s when I saw under adverse reactions:  flu-like symptoms, fever, dizziness, headache, etc. contact medical professional immediately.  I totally freaked because I had developed all of the aforementioned symptoms that day.  Gasp.  I called 5,000 people including my Mom the nurse, my RE – answering service, the ER – no advice over the phone, come in and then finally my pharmacy which happens to have a nurse on call for these types of “freak outs”.  She assured me that I was not having a reaction, just the flu because the symptoms they describe don’t manifest until 7-10 AFTER you stop injections.   I didn’ t read that far down.  Fhew.

Friday was way worse – I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment at 8am (this was NOT my choice)  to check how my eggs were growing and how the injections were working.  This was really tricky because Andy’s side of the family doesn’t really know were are going through infertility treatments.  It’s best that way – but it makes things complicated.  Because I was still feeling so poorly and still was running a fever I made Andy take me to the doctors (originally I was just going to slip out and be back before anyone knew I was gone).  We were able to dodge the questions because everyone knew I was really sick and assumed I was just going to confirm a case of the flu.  I had to go to a hospital to have the tests done instead of my RE office because they were closed for the holidays – that was annoying.   We waited a LONG time in the waiting room…Andy was really impatient and I was just so sick I wanted to lay down.  The ultrasound went OK – things are growing as expected.  I had blood work done again.  My arms look like i’ve been beaten.  It’s not pretty.

Once the results were back or in or whatever they wait for at the hospital they were faxed to the RE on call at my office – which happened to be my actual doctor (what luck!) and she called me right as we were pulling into the driveway on the way home from the hospital.  The tests all came back fine, but because I was so sick and my fever was still so high (it was 103.2 at the hospital) she suggested we go ahead and cancel this cycle all together because she reasoned that “people don’t get pregnant when they are sick”.   I literally almost dropped the phone – we have spent SO much money on medicine and doctor’s visits and I’ve had so much blood drawn and uncomfortable exams in the past three weeks – it was just heartbreaking.  I somehow managed to finish the conversation and then I just burst into tears. 

The next two days were a blur.  My temperature got up to 103.8 and Andy fretted about like I was on my death bed.  We *almost* went to the ER, but I opted for an ice bath instead – that was unpleasant, but it worked.

I’m feeling a bit better today though i’m still not myself.  I have no energy and I still can keep nothing down.  Nothing, not even toast.    It totally sucks being sick on vacation! 

Well, off to nap 🙂



  1. oh my god, did you tell the doctor that you cannot afford to just waste all the money that you’ve all ready put into this round????

  2. Yes…that was my first worry. Blah, I hate money. She was kind enough to say that she was going to comp my next round. I thought that was pretty cool.

  3. Oh gee, that stinks. Maybe you’ll get preggers anyway? I don’t know your history or specifics, so I hope I’m not insulting you with my wishful thinking!

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