Posted by: Amanda | January 14, 2009

Blue Cross Blue Sheild = The Devil

In an effort to streamline insurance (read:  get a better deal at the expense of the employee)  Andy’s company decided to pick two plans that all the employees (nationwide) can pick from  – effective  January 1st.    The news of this gave me hives.  I feared the worst (read: Cigna -= no IF coverage).  The worst didn’t happen, but we still took a hit.  His company offered two plans:  Cinga (gasp!) and a BCBS 90/10 plan – they pay 90% we pay 10%.   We of course went with the latter, and I should be thankful that I have any coverage, but ugh, with this plan my total out of pocket cost for Infertility MONTHLY is close to $2,000.  That’s up from about $150-400.

What are we going to do?  

Keep praying…

Find a money tree?

Adopt a monkey? 

In other, happier news my kitcame yesterday.  It’s called Project 365 and was designed by one of my favorite scrapbookers Becky Higgins.    It’s sold out now so you can only get it by paying 3x it’s worth on eBay, actually it sold out within the first hour of release.  CRAZY!   Anyway, I’m getting off track – the idea of the kit is that you take a picture everyday for 365 days and journal about it.  It comes with pages that hold 4×6 photos, journaling templates, etc.  It’s so cool!  I hope to post a few photos of my progress soon.    I have posted a few pictures on Flickr – but I haven’t been very good about keeping it up.

I used my parent’s Christmas money and bought an HP photoprinter (I payed 1/2 what it’s selling for now).  I think it’s the only way you can do this project without going crazy.  Andy has hooked it up so I can just put in my card from the digital camera and hit print.  EASY.


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