Posted by: Amanda | March 6, 2008

Where is my brain?

Have you seen it? I’d like it back.

  • I worked out this morning and took off my socks in the kitchen. I *thought* I threw them downstairs (in the basement where the washer is), but I found them in my lunch bag today. Ewe. Needless to say lunch went in the trash.
  • While brushing my teeth after breakfast, I was gurgling mouth wash and somehow managed to squirt it up into my eye! That takes talent. Wowza does that burn!
  • I printed the bulletins for church today with a big announcement that Daylight Savings time is this Saturday. Unfortunately people get the bulletins on Sunday. Ya know, at church.

I have an excuse! I’m coming down with “something”. I’ve had a sore, scratch throat for 3 days, and I feel like I have a fever today. I might die, or so it seems.



  1. You know, the last time I lost my mind, it was due to pregnancy…

    at any rate, I’d like mine back, too. For my big clinical skills exam tomorrow…I forgot my stethoscope. Say a prayer for me, too. If you can remember to…

  2. too funny! At least you have an excuse. When you get old, your brain seems the first to go along with your memory……sorry, lost my train of thought!

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